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We realize the full value of geographic information systems by making access to comprehensive data, including broadband service data, seamless and formatted in a way that maximizes its benefit to decision-making in the state. We are a place where Coloradans can gain answers and expertise about GIS and its possibilities in order to expand the value of these technologies as efficiently and effectively as possible, and we are the facilitator of a robust GIS community where knowledge and information is shared freely


  • Get data in one place, and secondarily make state data open and accessible unless it contains PII, security sensitive or proprietary information

  • Organize data necessary for critical applications: emergency management, economic development, law enforcement, transportation, information and technology management, environmental management, water resources

  • Reduce the cost and overhead for data sharing

  • Maximize the utility and value of data

  • Enhance and support GIS use among state and local entities

  • Increase data governance maturity


  • Create or ask for data once, use it many times

  • While potentially slower in the short term, collaboration is cheaper in the long term

  • The value of data increases with use

  • Where not restricted by privacy, security or proprietary (eg. data license) considerations, data should be open

  • More eyes on or more use of data, may demonstrate applications not thought of previously

  • Coordination should not hinder work of state agencies and should bring value to agencies’ work

Jon Gottsegen


Responsible for managing an interdepartment data protocol fostering enterprise wide data sharing and governance and furthering the state's open data efforts; managing statewide GIS coordination to make state geographic data discoverable and accessible; and support state agencies' GIS efforts

Kassrah Rezagholi


Leads broadband data processing; Leads Development and maintenance of GIS applications for state agencies & OIT; Supports web services

Jim Snyder


Operational management; Outreach Coordination; Parcel data steward; Supports economic development; Manages GeoData Cache; Supports emergency management

Windy Fischer-Cherenzia


Maintains enterprise & OIT databases; Leads statewide address stewardship; Supports resiliency workgroups; Local Outreach; Assists with application development

Rick Corsi


Primary outreach coordinator to local, state, and federal entities; Assists in the collection of data through outreach efforts

Anthony Filipiak


Secondary to statewide parcel data stewardship; Primary CAI data steward; Outreach Coordination; Assist with collection and coordination of other enterprise datasets

Tudor Stanescu


Assist with processing broadband data; Assists with data processing and analysis as necessary for enterprise datasets; Assists with application development

Brent Seiferd


Collect and process broadband data; Assists with data processing and analysis as necessary for enterprise datasets as assigned; Assists with LiDAR collection

Fletcher Johnson


Collect and process broadband data; Collect and process address data for the State; Assists in technical duties related to position

Coming Soon


Collect and process broadband data, Parcel data secondary steward, Other data processing and analysis duties as assigned


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Upcoming Events & Details


Location: Conference Call

Date: February 1, 2016

Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Agenda :

January Data Call (OIT and DRCOG Collaboration)

Data aquisition and production for Enterprise Datasets

COnfluence Demo (OIT GIS Website & Data Discovery Tool)

Thuy Patton from the Colorado Water Conservation Board to discuss LiDAR Aquisition and FEMA LiDAR Grant


Location: TBD

Date: TBD

Agenda : TBD

Slides: Coming Soon

Additional Details: TBD


Location: TBD

Date: TBD

Agenda : TBD

Slides: Coming Soon

Additional Details: TBD


Location: TBD

Date: TBD

Agenda : TBD

Slides: Coming Soon

Additional Details: TBD

GCDP Annual Calendar

What You Missed!

2016 GIS Data Coordination Summit

In June, we held our second annual GIS Coordination Summit. The agenda consisted of providing updates on our progress over the previous fiscal year; and gathering feedback for FY17 strategic and tactical objectives for our growing team. Slides, photos, and a video are available.

Field Data Collection Apps Testing

A number of our stakeholders have inquired about appropriate and simple field data collection solutions. Our team took the opportunity to investigate and test a few mobile apps in the field and provide feedback.

Quarterly Call Updates

In November, we held our Quarterly Call. The phone-in event consisted of providing updates to our stakeholders regarding our FY17 plan and ongoing data collection efforts.

GIS Broadband Team at Mountain Connect

A few of our team members participated in the Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference so as to provide a visible State representation in the ongoing broadband data collection efforts across the state. We look forward to next year!

Western Colorado Summit

Since not all of our stakeholders could travel down to the front range for our Summit in June, we conducted a condensed Summit for our stakeholders on the Western Slope. The slide presentation is the same as the "2016 GIS Data Coordination Summit".