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Spatial and Non-spatial data standardized and packaged for use; Cleansing and analysis of data; associated data processing automation through scripts and models, and web services

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Available web services that can be consumed by GIS Software and applications. The service formats vary from mapservices, feature services, and geocoders

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COMING SOON. GCDP metadata standards for stewarded datasets; standards for data management; toolbox and packages to load enterprise datasets into standardized schemas

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Support with data analysis through data processing; automation through scripts and models; Evaluation, modification, and standardization of spatial and non-spatial data

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The Broadband Mapping Team develops and maintains a database and an interactive online map of broadband service in Colorado. The service data is collected directly from broadband carriers and verified using local input methods—such as speed tests and regional studies. Learn More...

Broadband Coverage REST Services Speed Test Results for wireless broadband Speed Test Results for wireline broadband Number of Providers

This layer represents the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) State Broadband Data Development Program (SBDD) Community Anchor Institutions (CAI) which subscribe to broadband. ''Community Anchor Institutions'' consist of schools, libraries, medical and healthcare providers, public safety entities, community colleges and other institutions of higher education, and other community support organizations and entities. These locations may not offer broadband availability to the public (although most libraries and many schools, and community centers do) but rather offer an opportunity for policy makers to understand where community anchor institutions who have broadband access are which can help in identifying challenges and opportunities to reaching national connectivity goals. The primary source of information has been online address and location research, in combination with google maps and NAIP aerial imagery.

Community Anchor Institution REST Service

This dataset contains polygon features representing the approximate location of tax parcels contained in County Assessor tax rolls. Individual county data was integrated into this statewide publication by the Colorado GIS Coordination & Development Program. This dataset was derived from the compilation of numerous sources and digitizing methodologies.

Colorado Parcels REST Service

How We Can Assist State Agencies

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What is a Story Map? It's a web application that consists of authoritative maps, texts, and multimedia content that attempts to tell a story. Want to see an example? Our team collaborated with the Colorado Resilience and Recovery Office to create a graphical journey following three years of recovery from the devastating 2013 Colorado floods.

A Map Viewer is an interactive web application that consumes authoritative maps and layers that have been published as REST services. Learn more about web applications on our Application Services page

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Having trouble trying to analyze data due to technology or personnel limitations? We are more than happy to assist. We have assisted a number of state agencies and staff with data analysis; including the Secretary of State.

Do you need a script or automated process for loading your enterprise data into our GCDP Enterprise Dataset template? Our team has writtern and packaged scripts to ease the process of providing enterprise data to our bi-annual data calls. All you have to do is ask!

Vector and raster data overlays with customized symbology and additional standard cartographic components (i.e. Scanned and Digital Topographics, LiDAR, and base maps)