Business Support Services


Assess technological needs, product solutions, provide training and guidance in best practices

GIS Project Management

Assist in procurement, prototyping, licensing, and tool generation

GIS Business Consulting

We will Assess and test GIS technology solutions for field collection, database construction and maintenance, data storage, and consumption of web services. Our goal is to help you find a GIS technology solution that meets your needs.

COMONG SOON. Provide training to State Agencies and stakeholders in GIS technologies and software. Where applicable, provide training in the field for data collection. When necessary, provide hands on or classroom style training on the fundamentals of GIS software implementation.

COMING SOON. Documentation or mentoring on best practices where GIS technology, software, and security are implemented.

GIS Project Management

Test your ideas. Assess level of effort and feasibility of applying GIS solutions. Explore the benefit of leveraging GIS to enhance your project.

Need help procuring a GIS software or GIS product license? We can help.

Need help having a license hosted on a Server? We can help. We currently host ArcGIS Licenses for a number of Agencies.

Do you need support hosting ArcGIS solutions in conjunction with 3rd party vendor software? We currently support agencies that utilize GIS solutions through multiple vendors.

We have assisted in the negotiation of contracts with outside vendors for some of our state agencies. Have questions? Just ask.