Application Services

Application Development

Discover, Design, Develop, Test, and Deployment of GIS web mapping applications.

Application Maintenance

Application management delivers a stable production environment , the updating of legacy applications, and the creation of new functionality.

Development Support

Development support includes providing 3rd party developers data access and deployment guidance to ensure a successful delivery.

GCDP's Applications

GCDP is maintaining multiple applications from various State Agencies in the State of Colorado.

How We Can Assist State Agencies

Application Development. What you need to know.

  • AGILE --Applications created by GCDP utilize an iterative, AGILE approach. This allows for GCDP to be flexible and adaptative to adjust to the needs of the State Agency.
  • Requests and Intake --Due to the amount of work GCDP currently has, there is a necessity to adhere to current obligations to other State Agencies. Contact GCDP to discuss the scope of your project to determine a reasonable timeline.
  • HTTPS --GCDP can create custom GIS web mapping applications utilizing multiple API's (e.g. ESRI Javascript, Leaflet, ect). GCDP can also create simple ArcGIS Online applications and ESRI StoryMaps. Click here to view applications hosted by GCDP.

Application Maintenance. What you need to know.

  • AGILE --As part of hosting applications created by GCDP or by a vendor, GCDP will provide support with existing functionality and possible future enhancements to the current system.
  • Data Maintenance --GCDP will provide support to existing databases, including SDE, Mapservices, and SQL databases required by your GIS application.
  • Application Integration --GCDP can provide support integrating legacy databases or workflows into new GIS web mapping applications. This may include things such as consuming an existing SQL database for Map Services or Feature Services for a new mapping application.

Development Support. What you need to know.

  • Design Analysis--GCDP can help review designs proposed by vendors, or assist in guiding in direction of the types of functionality to request from vendors.
  • Procurement Support--GCDP can assist in the vendor process.
  • Development Platform--GCDP can provide a stable environment for your organization or vendor developing a database or application for your needs. GCDP can also assist in the creation and maintenance of required databases and mapservices for your developer.

State of Colorado Applications. See what agencies GCDP is supporting!